Eindhoven Liberation Day

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  1. I am the secretary of this association of men who were stationed at Eindhoven during the late 1940’s until 1962.
    We had a contingent of our members attend the 2009 celebrations and brought along The RAF Halton Pipe & Drum Band. We also brought along one of our members who was at the airfield soon after the liberation and he was in attendance with the Mayor at the reception on the evening of the 18th.
    We have been back to Eindhoven on several occasions for the Liberation Celebrations and always had a very good reaction from the towns people who greet us with great respect for which we thank them.
    My brother was one of the British soldiers who passed through Eindhoven up to Sonn for that epic battle. I bless the fact that he survived the war.
    Although all my members will be in their 80’s for the 70th anniversary I hope to be there to march with them through the streets of Eindhoven as before.

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