One picture, five crops

So I was reading this book, called The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photo by Michael Freeman.
One of the chapters is about cropping. Often, pictures need to be cropped. When we’re shooting medium format pictures for example, or when our in camera composition just sucks horribly. One of the things done in the book is taking one picture and a number of crops from that same picture, that are all pictures in itself. So that’s what I tried to do in a similar fashion.
So the first one is the original, the other 4 are crops from it.

3 Responses to “ One picture, five crops ”

  1. That’s actually pretty cool. Stupid me never really realized such a simple thing as cropping could save an otherwise bland/boring picture.

    Which application do you use to crop? (thinking something a bit less heavy-weight than say, PS)

  2. way to call my pictures bland, damn swede ;). All post-production is done in Adobe Lightroom, not as heavy as PS, but still pretty heavy. Shooting in RAW kinda forces you to use Lightroom I think.

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