Not enough people are checking out my photoblog. So I’m putting it a bit more in the spotlight.
It’s fun! And it’s awesome for people that don’t like reading! And it’s updated more regularly!


Also, check out my RSS feeds:
both blogs combined

And do check out my superfancy archives

2 Responses to “ Photoblog ”

  1. This post belongs to your promo-blog, not your blog, nor your photoblog.

    Also, your rss feeds:
    photoblog and marrk combined
    photoblog and promoblog combined
    marrk and promoblog combined
    all three combined

    Combinations are infinite!

    Groetjes van David

  2. So that’s what i get if i forget to finish a post with
    en ettor, alvast een haeahahehehaeaha op de spitsvondige comment die je gaat plaatsen!

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